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Sangha Night - The Nature of the Mind 5

Throughout the autumn, we will be exploring a range of Buddhist teachings looking at the nature of our minds and different ways of working with our mental states.

In the first night exploring this theme, we looked at an important teaching of the Buddha on papanca or mental proliferation contained in the Honeyball Sutta (see here for a translation). In that, the Buddha shows how we move away from our primary experience into a secondary reality of proliferated thoughts and ideas and how these distorted interpretations of reality can lead to interpersonal and social conflict.

This week, we will look at ways we can work with this tendency to mental proliferation and bring ourselves back to our primary reality.

Led by Saccanama

This week is rearranged from earlier in the autumn.

Earlier Event: 15 October
Evening Drop-in Meditation Class
Later Event: 18 October
Lunchtime Drop-in Meditation Class