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Bodhi Yoga with Kshantika

I want to create an environment of enquiry and exploration of our bodies and of our being, one that can both support and deepen our felt sense of connection with ourselves. With an approach that is rooted in the Satipattana system of mindfulness taught by the Buddha Sakyamuni around 500 BCE and permeated with the Buddha’s teaching on metta (kindly benevolence) we can build  some essential tools to work with the difficulties of life.

The Tuesday drop-in (like the Open Doors sessions) will be a varied class alternating between a theme of Mindfulness or Metta that corresponds with the drop-in meditation that starts at 7: 30 if you want to do that after the yoga. 

As with everything we run at the Buddhist Centre, we offer this class on a basis of ‘dana’ or generosity i.e. give what you can afford. If it helps, we suggest a donation of £8. If you plan to attend regularly and pay UK tax, please consider filling out a Gift Aid form as this helps us a lot.

Booking is essential so to confirm you are coming for the class, please contact Kshantika directly on 07592 456613.

About Kshantika - ‘I have been practicing yoga and meditation in a Buddhist context for over 25 years. My journey with this combination of practices began in 1994 when I became inspired by the story of the Buddha’s enlightenment and set out to learn more. This I have done in the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community and was ordained in 2006. A significant aspect of my path has been working with the body particularly through yoga. I had many personal challenges and issues in myself to deal with and an engagement with yoga gave me an invaluable way to work with myself enabling ease in a way that nothing else had. Inspired by my own experience of the practice in 2001 I qualified as a teacher in the Iyengar tradition, in more recent years my practice and teaching have moved significantly to a more breath led movement practice more inspired by Gary Kraftsow and Donna Farhi. To reorient my teaching I have undertaken training with Sadhita and Sudaka, two Order members of the Triratna Buddhist Order who have over 40 years of yoga experience between them. Their approach of Bodhiyoga draws on the Buddha's Satipatthana teaching; by applying this teaching to traditional hatha yoga postures, yoga asana becomes a mindfulness practice.’

Earlier Event: 10 December
Lunchtime Drop-in Meditation Class
Later Event: 10 December
Evening Drop-in Meditation Class