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Mitra is an Indian word that literally means friend. For those who wish to deepen their connections with our Sangha, there is the opportunity to become a Mitra or ‘friend’ of the Triratna Buddhist Order. This takes place in the context of a joyful and meaningful ceremony in which one formally becomes a Buddhist. Mitras also commit to practising the Five Precepts or ethical training principles of Buddhism -

  1. I undertake to abstain from harming life

  2. I undertake to abstain from taking what is not given

  3. I undertake to abstain from sexual misconduct

  4. I undertake to abstain from telling lies

  5. I undertake to abstain from taking intoxicants that cloud the mind

The positive expression of these precepts is as follows

  1. With deeds of loving kindness, I purify my body

  2. With open-handed generosity, I purify my body

  3. With stillness, simplicity and contentment, I purify my body

  4. With truthful communication, I purify my speech

  5. With mindfulness clear and radiant, I purify my mind.

Once someone has become a Mitra, they can join the 4-year Dharma Training Course for Mitras which we host on Monday evenings.

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