Training for Ordination

For those who wish to make their practice of Buddhism central to their lives, you can take the step of asking for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order. One of the distinctive and radical features of our Order is that both women and men are ordained on an equal basis, with women ordaining women and men ordaining men. It is also a fully international Order with Order members in many countries around the globe.

Once you have asked for ordination, their is a period of training which varies in length according to the life circumstances of the individual concerned. Some of the training takes place on retreat at dedicated retreat centres (see Padmaloka and Tiratanaloka links on our retreats page) but there are also opportunities to prepare for ordination here in Nottingham with regular weekly meetings of those who are training as well as occasional day retreats at the Buddhist Centre. Much of the training also takes place informally through developing links of friendship with members of the Order.

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