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Introductory Courses

on Buddhism and Meditation

The following courses provide a comprehensive introduction to both meditation and Buddhism. They are the best starting point for anyone interested in getting involved with what happens at the Buddhist Centre.

Tuesday Evening 6 week Introductory Courses 7.30pm - 9.45pm (doors open 7.15pm)

The start dates for the next two courses are -

  • Tuesday 15th January (with a day retreat on Sunday 10th March)

  • Tuesday 30th April (with a day retreat on Sunday 16th June)

Friday Daytime 8 week Introductory courses 10am - 12.30pm (doors open 9.45am)

The start date for the next course is -

  • Friday 18th January (with a day retreat on Sunday 10th March)

The day retreats at the Buddhist Centre are a chance to take what we have covered in the courses further. The days will run from 10am - 4pm. If you are unable to make the Day retreat that follows your course it is possible to join one of the other days later in the year.

Booking for these courses.

In the past, as with our usual policy of making what we offer available to all, we have offered these courses on a dana (generosity) basis. However, some people just come for the first night to try it and don’t then come back. As we have limited places - only 30 on each course - and often a waiting list for the next course, if people do just come for one night and don’t take up the full course, others are denied a chance to attend. So we are now asking for people to donate £30 in advance so that they do make a commitment to come for the whole course. If your circumstances are such that you can’t afford to do this but you are keen to attend the whole course, please do contact us to book a place and we will be happy to accommodate you. If you want to try what we do in order to see whether you do want to commit to a whole course, then please do attend one or two of our drop-in classes before hand.

To book your place, please donate here

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