The Centre is run by many people who give their time and energy …

The Centre is run by many people who give their time and energy …

Alongside a team of volunteers, the Centre gives basic financial support to three Order members. They give their time to supporting the Sangha and running the Centre.



I have been involved with Buddhism all my adult life and was ordained in 1994. I’ve worked at the Bristol Buddhist Centre, Rivendell Retreat Centre, Guhyaloka retreat centre in the Spanish mountains and most recently Adhisthana. I moved to Nottingham in October 2018 to live and work amongst the Sangha here and am very happy to be here.



I moved to Nottingham in 2011 and started working for the Nottingham Buddhist Centre in 2014. Originally I am from the Netherlands and was very involved with setting up Triratna there, especially in Amsterdam. In the eighties I lived in London and became an order member in 1988. In my first four years in Nottingham I was part of the team running ordination retreats for women in our retreat centre Akashavana in Spain. I love Nottingham, our Buddhist Centre and our Sangha. 



I moved to the UK in 2007, coming from the heart of the Venezuelan Andes with the purpose of deepening my Buddhist practice. I went to Cambridge to be part of one of the most successful team base rightlivelihood experiments we have had in Triratna, a Buddhist business called Windhorse:Evolution. I spent around eight years working and living with other Buddhists and enjoying the richness of a very international community that enabled me to join the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2012. I arrived in Nottingham in 2016, eager to serve the Buddhist Centre and work to fulfil Sangharakshita's (my teacher) desire of passing his Dharma legacy on to future generations. I live in Abhirati Community (above the Buddhist Centre) and feel very happy to make Nottingham my new home.