Getting away form the distractions and busyness of daily life enables one to engage more fully with meditation, and meditating several times a day means that the benefits of meditation can accumulate and go deeper. A retreat offers excellent conditions in which to explore meditation and Buddhism, to find the space to get to know oneself better, and to break old habits, sometimes making a dramatic breakthrough.

We organise a few weekend retreats throughout the year, usually open to people who have already learned the meditation practices we teach. We are also connected with a number of retreat centres in the UK, which offer a range of different kinds of retreats: provides details for eight UK Buddhist Retreat Centres plus solitary retreat venues.

Dhanakosa for all kinds of retreats (Highlands of Scotland)

Vajrasana for all kinds of retreats (Suffolk)

Rivendell for all kinds of retreats (South East England)

Padmaloka for men's retreats (Norfolk)

Tiratanaloka for women's retreats (Wales)

Taraloka for women's retreats (Shropshire)

Vajraloka for men's and mixed meditation retreats (Wales)

Buddhafield and BuddhafieldNorth for Buddhist retreats outdoors and under canvas (UK)

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